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Deceptive Inception
About Me

In this world where insanity predominates, brilliant thoughts of my receptive mind collide.

With the outburst of my overwhelming emotions and creative ideas, I came up with this blog.


I am Gibo. 22. RN.

  • Not your typical average guy.
  • More than what you've expected.
  • An unemployed writer.
  • A plagiarist of life.
  • No room for mediocrity.
  • The life and soul of the crowd.
  • Music is my medicine.
  • Search for great sense of ecstacy and adventure is my game.


What a successful event! Kudos to #NTHC!!! :) #eHealth #DTTB #UPM #DOST #DOH

What a successful event! Kudos to #NTHC!!! :) #eHealth #DTTB #UPM #DOST #DOH