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Deceptive Inception of the Cynic and Hopeless.
About Me
In this world where insanity predominates, brilliant thoughts of my receptive mind collide.

With the outburst of my overwhelming emotions and creative ideas, I came up with this blog.

I am Gibo. 24. RN. MSHI.

Not your typical average guy.
More than what you see.
An unemployed writer.
A plagiarist of life.
No room for mediocrity.
The life and soul of the crowd.
Music is my medicine.
Search for great sense of ecstacy and adventure is my game.

Towards my 2.0 self.

What a successful event! Kudos to #NTHC!!! :) #eHealth #DTTB #UPM #DOST #DOH

What a successful event! Kudos to #NTHC!!! :) #eHealth #DTTB #UPM #DOST #DOH